Renewal | 2018
Acrylic on canvas

“My healer, she is my spiritual guardian and noble protector. She brings positive power and energy, with a Purity of purpose. She will cleanse my body of all life’s poisons, And bring me closer to the most Pure, and true version of my core self.”

These words are underwritten in the painting; part of a poem I wrote about the raw feelings and emotions I experienced going through cancer. This piece is a celebration of all the incredible women and girls in my life: the strong, the pure, the beautiful, the flawed, the smart, the courageous, the change-maker, the nurturer, the compassionate, the loving, the determined…the authentic human beings who are my community and my family. And for one Unicorn in particular, whose words inspire, you know who you are.

Exhibited at Red Head Gallery, Toronto & The Freedom Factory Toronto.
Featured in WILDFIRE Magazine.