“From our first lifeline, the umbilical cord, as the root that grows in the ground, we are all interconnected to each other and the world around us. The release of love through one’s lifelines, visible and invisible threads that intersect, and its transformation into energy and mind-body-spirit, are at one with the earth. Like the interaction between the principles and elements of art, every line painted has meaning and is connected, as life bound together with love turns into energy in nature, light, music and people, illuminating how fluid the boundaries really are.” 

This series of paintings conveys a visual and conceptual sense of unity and interconnectedness sublimated by the use of bold colour, texture, line, composition and form. The visual narrative lends to a more subjective appreciation of the aesthetic and meaning that the artwork resonates. The dynamic between how these formal qualities are used to create a visual and visceral experience for the viewer inspires my process. The expressive lines are often rounded and follow an organic undetermined path, reflecting the dynamic fluidness of boundaries in elements of art and the continuum of life. Precious metal mix and blue interference highlights provide a sense of depth and iridescence, accentuating and integrating the lines’ movement and energy. The paintings are meant to connect with us individually, bodily affecting us through all of our senses, creating strong feelings through their use and presence and collectively as they create and re-create our place within the cycle of life.