With its precious metal iridescent mix, blue interference and gravitational pull of tonal schema, this series creates an energy suggestive of regrowth, continuous mindfulness and the regenerative power of introspective examination”.   

This series is about human experience and in this theme looks to the elements of that experience, to worlds lived and imagined, the spiritual and the emotional, memory and promise, the beautiful and nostalgic. It’s the balancing act of grounding and departure – always looking for the light through the tangle of life. A path for renewal, growth and reclamation.

The use of brush strokes/palette knife are almost arabesque, like lyrical ribbons. The movements embody contradictions, lines curve vertically and horizontally, and slightly towards the viewer, moving and shifting, pulling you in. This energy, moving through and around them, the paintings interact with light, changing their dialogue as you grow and change. This energetic force pulls and elongates reflection.

I seek to capture what exists below the surface of immediate perception. Uncovered, the oft-hidden truth of what is meaningful to a person, their experiences, fears, hopes, and desires, reveals itself. It is a cathartic process that involves breaking down, shedding layers that do not serve us in our lives nor reflect who we really are. Yet, it also involves a tremendous act of building up, recognizing who we want to be, yet being open and vulnerable to our experiences. I am intrigued by the symbiosis of how these personal narratives are constantly changing and adapting. Essential to both finding and becoming ourselves.